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Reuse vs Recycle

Reuse vs Recycle

Alarming Facts

  • “Recycling” has become a buzzword in the last few years.  We use more and more because we think we not doing anything wrong to the environment as long as we can recycle.
  • However, have we ever paused to think about what happens when an item goes into to our recycling bin? There is no guarantee it is going to be recycled. Even when it is recycled, the process may not clean. Still yet, recycling material still takes energy and resources, and still pollutes! Of course recycling is better than throwing away things in trash cans but it is NOT the best method!
  • There is a better option available. Not long ago, just 25-30 years,we used much more “reusable” items instead of today’s “disposable” items.  Why cannot we do that now? What would our children see after 20-30 years of this practice of disposable item use? We are running out of landfill areas. There is plastic and other trash in rivers, oceans, natural areas, and even our urban areas, neighborhoods, and homes. We must act now! It is our responsibility. We cannot let our children and the next generation suffer because of our actions.

The Truth

REUSE is Much Better than RECYCLE!

Requires Energy for Transportation No Yes
Contributes to Water Pollution No Yes
Contributes to Air Pollution No Yes


What Can We Do?

  • Prevention is always better than a treatment! Let’s not buy what is not needed. Let’s buy items that are reusable.
  • Only if you cannot find reusable items then buy recyclable items.
  • Buy items that are made with recycled materials.  You can find cups, cabinets, and even shoes that are made of recycled materials!


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