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EmpowerE=Empower Everyone

Education and awareness are the most important ingredients in all our lives. Can we go beyond our formal education system and educate ourselves and others around us what we can each do to better the planet that we all inhabit? Most of what is taught in these systems unfortunately neglects or dilutes the fact that each of us, every day, has an impact on our planet. Fortunately, a lot of information is available in books/magazines and on several different websites. We need to use this information to equip ourselves with knowledge and see the truth of the current state of our Mother Earth and the environment. Unfortunately, it is alarming!

Can we change the way we live? We must realize that we have the power, gift, and opportunity to leave a world to our children, for better or worse: a sustainable, thriving and healthy society or unsustainable and unhealthy society? If we can minimize or reduce our use and waste, we will be be able to mitigate many of the world’s major problems like pollution, climate change, hunger, poverty, and diseases, to name a few.

Fortunately, we do not have to depend on governments or industries. We each have the power to make this change! Every movement or action in history started with the thought of one individual. To illustrate the power of collective, think of this: if 15-20% of the population switched to reusable water bottles the bottled water industry will meet the demand of the market’s consumers and begin investing more into eco-friendly, reusable alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles. Imagine how much waste can be eliminated just by making one simple, easy action. Let’s do and also tell others to do it.

Empower yourself and everyone around you: EmpowerE means Empower Everyone. Thank you so much for visiting our website. Please let us know how we can help to achieve your goals to make our world cleaner and healthier. We would love to speak or meet with you.

We have posted and will be posting a lot of information here. Our sincere thanks to all those individuals and organizations who have published this invaluable information.

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